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Photo 505
Paddle Vertical Element Aircore
I've been using VE paddles for around 3 years now and other competitors such as Werner, Select, Lettmann or AT seem inferior. I think VE have nailed the weight to surface area of the blades which allow you to transfer so much power into each stroke, making these paddles perfect for all disciplines of whitewater kayaking. I've never had any issues with durability either and would easily trust VE in any grade of whitewater. One of my favourite things about VE paddles is the fact that they are custom built to any feather, length or hand you could wish for(there's even a chart to tell you which size would be best for you depending on your height and discipline of paddling!) Also, there is an option to convert the paddles into either 2 or 4 way splits if need be. This is great if you're trying to space save for trips abroad or just as an emergency pair! Combinations of Carbon blades/shaft or Glass blades/shaft are available if you don't want to splash out on full carbon blades or want something a bit more durable.
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by raymon
Photo 410
It's simple and protects your head in a bad start or landing. I also like the mouth guard that many don't. I've had some landings where the mouth guard saved pretty much all my teeth and jaw. Also, it doesn't hinder your view which is nice an any activity I suppose. I like to see where I'm flying, and I like not crashing into people in the air because my peripheral vision is intact. Lastly it keeps you warm, this matters a LOT when winter flying in Tromsø. I've flown in minus 25 Celsius and not been cold. All in all. A very good helmet, designed and approved for flying.
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Photo 409
The best looking shoes there are with a lot of adjustibility, because of the laces! in the picture they are equipped with snaplaces for testing.
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Photo 408
Sunglasses with a great fit, awesome look and good protection against the sun!
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Photo 407
Anyone who has been paddleboarding in places where there are lots of rocks, snags, oyster beds and other less-than-ideal conditions for hard boards can understand why having a good inflatable SUP in your fleet is a must. And as with hard boards, quality makes a big difference with inflatable SUPs, so it's important to buy from a reputable manufacturer. The YOLO inflatables have served me well as good all-around boards. They've been with me on all sorts of adventures on the water, from fast-moving rivers to Florida beaches to glacial lakes in the north. <br /> <br /> Because they fold to fit inside a large backpack, they were easy to transport and store as a main board during the years I spent traveling by RV full-time. On they water, they are rugged, rigid, stable and comfortable. Off the water, they can be transported just like regular luggage anywhere a backpack can go, whether it's a ferry boat to a remote island, taxi across a major city or airplane to a faraway country.<br /> <br /> The boards come with backpack, pump, pressure gauge, removable center fin, tri fins, bungee system and carry handle.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 406
Amazingly light and durable wheels!
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Mountain Biking
by Orihe
Photo 405
Well... after owning a Zesty 214 for over three years it was time for an upgrade and the new range Zesty for 2015 looked awesome. I've had this now for three weeks and WOW what a difference. The price for this model is a big step up to my previous bike but you get a lot of bang for your buck. The spec has some of the best fork and shock for 2015 not to mention the Race Face components. It's geometry has changed this year to the 2012 i was used to more designed for 'enduro' downhill as well as xc and perfect for the trail centres.<br /> <br /> If you're planning on running tubeless you may want to consider changing the tires. Been having a lot of trouble with the Nobby Nic's as the tire walls are so weak. Currently testing out a WTB tire and so far so good. <br /> <br /> I've had a large frame size but found the stem (70mm) you get on this size is to large for me and swapped that out for a 50mm feels a lot better but thats all down to preference.<br /> <br /> If you're like me and want to protect the frame there are a couple of areas you'll want to apply frame protection tape too. The left swing arm you'll catch with your shoes so worth putting some along there and also a bit on the front brake cable on the fork. You could also get the rubber protectors which i've done as well as the tape which works well.
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Photo 404
It's comfy and also its really good product design as I've had it nearly a year and it's still holding well and in the winter it keeps your head warm so you can still think straight when running a drop or falls, also it doesn't get in the way when you cartwheel or loop which is always good
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by bzmirza
Photo 403
got this cxbike recently and been riding it around some tarmac, dirt and gravel. The shot here is of a trail ride around Lake Niapenco which is about 5 kms from where I live. Thinking of taking it out for a more technical terrain single track later this week on the Dundas trails. let's see how it holds up.
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Rock Climbing
Photo 402
The Black Diamond Hoodwire draws are really lightweight and durable, when I go to clip I always reach for a hoodwire draw.
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Rock Climbing
Photo 401
When making difficult sport moves I need the flexibility the light weight fabric my Adidas Outdoor Terrex climbing pants gives me
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Rock Climbing
Photo 400
The Black Diamond camalots are my preferred protection during tough trad climbs
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Photo 397
Definitly in love with this sail easy control, Nice for wave and freestyle as well
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