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Photo 505
Paddle Vertical Element Aircore
I've been using VE paddles for around 3 years now and other competitors such as Werner, Select, Lettmann or AT seem inferior. I think VE have nailed the weight to surface area of the blades which allow you to transfer so much power into each stroke, making these paddles perfect for all disciplines of whitewater kayaking. I've never had any issues with durability either and would easily trust VE in any grade of whitewater. One of my favourite things about VE paddles is the fact that they are custom built to any feather, length or hand you could wish for(there's even a chart to tell you which size would be best for you depending on your height and discipline of paddling!) Also, there is an option to convert the paddles into either 2 or 4 way splits if need be. This is great if you're trying to space save for trips abroad or just as an emergency pair! Combinations of Carbon blades/shaft or Glass blades/shaft are available if you don't want to splash out on full carbon blades or want something a bit more durable.
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by tania
Photo 435
Absolutely amazing hydration pack. I've been looking for one for a while, and I picked this up about a month ago. Great quality for the value and also holds up to 3 litres of water, so lasts for most hikes. Very simple design with one very large compartment, and also very lightweight so you can barely feel it on. I recommend giving it a try!
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Trail Running
by tania
Photo 434
These shoes are incredibly comfortable. For trail running you're always wondering about the stability over roots and tripping over rocks. These Brooks trail shoes have the perfect combination of flexibility and stability for any conditions. I've taken these shoes to Garibaldi Lake and Joffre Lakes BC, and looking forward to hiking Kauai in Hawaii for 10 days at the end of August in these!
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by bzmirza
Photo 432
Put the 913D2 driver and 3 wood in the bag last year. I've never driven the golf ball with more confidence. great for changing setting to draw or fade to compensate for any swing flaws but I've been trying to hit it straight with the neutral setting. makes the most satisfying crack of an impact sound.
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by bzmirza
Photo 431
great for riding on any terrain. Did a mix of road, dirt and grass riding this past week.
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by rysulli
Photo 430
Comfy shorts that have a small pocket for keys. They make any run that much better.
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Photo 429
Lightweight and breezy. The Scody tri suits offer function form and fit. And some really good colour combos for those iconic ironman triathlon sunset photos.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 428
We lived in this tent for 2 years. The fly delaminated eventually and I broke a pole. It is the best 2kg I carried.
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Photo 427
I don't often look good in black and white but whenever I do, I am wearing Assos
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Photo 426
"They" said the carbon Microtech rims would not be durable enough for the Koppenberg .... "They" were wrong.
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Photo 425
I swim like a washing machine off balance. Needing all the help I can get, my 2XU wetsuit helps get through longer swims such as the Melbourne Ironman. It has torn 2ce though at the bottom end of the zip.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 424
This pack is like the TARDIS but more reliable. And lighter. We lived out of our packs for 2 years. Both are still going well. Though mine still had a hole in it from this trip up through The Cracks.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 423
This bike is a great all rounder. Great training bike for our #veteranteam at #Wildside16
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