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Photo 505
Paddle Vertical Element Aircore
I've been using VE paddles for around 3 years now and other competitors such as Werner, Select, Lettmann or AT seem inferior. I think VE have nailed the weight to surface area of the blades which allow you to transfer so much power into each stroke, making these paddles perfect for all disciplines of whitewater kayaking. I've never had any issues with durability either and would easily trust VE in any grade of whitewater. One of my favourite things about VE paddles is the fact that they are custom built to any feather, length or hand you could wish for(there's even a chart to tell you which size would be best for you depending on your height and discipline of paddling!) Also, there is an option to convert the paddles into either 2 or 4 way splits if need be. This is great if you're trying to space save for trips abroad or just as an emergency pair! Combinations of Carbon blades/shaft or Glass blades/shaft are available if you don't want to splash out on full carbon blades or want something a bit more durable.
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Photo 462
The award winning Apostle is the only ski I need in my quiver. Rocky Mountain Underground manufactures burly skis for aggressive riders. The UHMW sidewalls are over twice as thick as the industry standard, making the ski resilient to lateral impact and edge blow out. World Cup sintered bases are 2.2 mm deep, making core shots less likely and giving you many more base grinds over the years. The edges themselves are thicker and stronger, so you would have to take a serious hit to ruin this ski in a single impact. And when it comes to performance, the Apostle is versatile enough to handle any conditions you may throw at them.
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Rock Climbing
Photo 461
Aggressive shoes with super sticky rubber that perform well on overhung routes and slab alike. The combination of stretch and a velcro strap make them quick and easy to get on and off.
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by KovasP
Photo 460
After using it for nearly a year now, I have to say this is probably the most versatile jacket I've ever owned. From -35 degrees in the winter over layers to a hot, humid 80+ degree thunderstorm in summer, this jacket has worked like a charm. Its only negative is the oversized hood, which of course is a positive when wearing a helmet.
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Photo 458
Nice climbing.
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Rock Climbing
Photo 457
LaSportiva Mythos are probably the best climbing shoes ever made. Good for crack climbing, slab, even technical face. Here I'm leading Dreams of Verdon (5.12a/b) in the Ghost River Wilderness which might be the best multipitch sport route in Canada. The Mythos are performing with dignity and grace ..
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Photo 455
Wow! This is very lite and comfortable trail running shoes.
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Photo 454
This board has a super clean pop off the wake, with bright graphics which will catch your eyes. However this was the second of these board I have had after cracking the centre of my first. Secondly I would not recommend it for anything apart from behind boat as the base is super soft and would properly be destroyed after one pull hitting obstacles. Saying that a last positive of this board which applies for myself being a salt water rider is that the metal components of the board have yet to show any signs of rust.
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Photo 453
Super stylie and functional outerwear at an affordable price!
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Photo 452
These goggles are sick! Great for preventing fog build up. Wide lenses. Able to change out depending on the conditions.
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Photo 451
I prefer to use this pack on (3-4 day) backcountry trips. Comfortable & light weight. Waist belt. ABS Airbags & Mass Activation unit sold separately.
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Photo 450
I like use this is backpack in lite(one day) tracking. Comfortable. Roomy. Hydro system for four liters of water.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 448
we use the best frame in the discipline of downhill. One of them is the fury 2014.
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