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Photo 505
Paddle Vertical Element Aircore
I've been using VE paddles for around 3 years now and other competitors such as Werner, Select, Lettmann or AT seem inferior. I think VE have nailed the weight to surface area of the blades which allow you to transfer so much power into each stroke, making these paddles perfect for all disciplines of whitewater kayaking. I've never had any issues with durability either and would easily trust VE in any grade of whitewater. One of my favourite things about VE paddles is the fact that they are custom built to any feather, length or hand you could wish for(there's even a chart to tell you which size would be best for you depending on your height and discipline of paddling!) Also, there is an option to convert the paddles into either 2 or 4 way splits if need be. This is great if you're trying to space save for trips abroad or just as an emergency pair! Combinations of Carbon blades/shaft or Glass blades/shaft are available if you don't want to splash out on full carbon blades or want something a bit more durable.
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Trail Running
Photo 477
Like with all Salomon S-Lab kit, this pack is super light weight and very durable. Its exactly what you need when climbing mountains or hills over long distances.<br /> <br /> It has multiple options for storing essentials like gels, mobile phone, jacket, poles, nutrition and two elasticated water bottle pockets at the front. And it looks great. Love it!
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Photo 476
It's the best buoyancy aid I've used and it's kept me safe for years, will buy another one when this one goes.
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Photo 475
It's just awesome, far better than any other helmets I've use would 100% recommend to anyone. :D
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by rysulli
Photo 474
This is the perfect tank top when I'm out running on a hot day. It feels great and does not weigh you down.
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by jspokes
Photo 472
Cool, aero and no matter where you live in Maryland, you can see it when I'm out on the road.
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Ice Climbing
by Damon
Photo 469
I'm still using my Black Diamond Reactor Ice Axe, despite being entry level tools, they still manage to get my up Grade 5 Ice Climbs ... Why change ?
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Rock Climbing
by Damon
Photo 468
I love my La Sportiva Katana's. They provide the perfect balance between an aggressive fit and comfort for those working in the mid grades. I tell my clients to focus on comfort, rather than cramming their feet into shoes designed for pushing upper technical grades.
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Rock Climbing
by Cathy
Photo 467
It's a great helmet, light, simple, durable, comfortable and easily adjustable. And looks good in photos!<br /> Photo by Michael Cartwright.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 466
I use the Camelbak racebak on longer training days and some races. The vest that holds the bladder goes under your race jersey. It stays in a great position and it never becomes an issue. It can hold up to 2 litres of my go to hydration mix Alete, its a natural product that has everything you need and nothing you don't. The bladder comes with a long pipe that I have been meaning to to shorten so the mouth piece is in a better place for me. Great product to have in the tool kit for the training day or race that suits it.
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Photo 465
this pair of sneaker/shoe has extraordinary cushion and ankle control. it makes you move freely on the court wether its cement or hardwood. i can easily do a crossover in this pair. the alternative insole allows you to modify your own game depends on your style. the air bubble and the carbon fibre makes the shoe light, yet it offers great control, allowing you to cut through the court like D-Wade. you can now purchase this pair at major outlets of on ebay since it is a older model. the look of the shoe is just beautiful. it also has above average durability. i have had this pair since 2012, and played with this pair both indoor and outdoor. it is also my casual sneaker. it is great shape still.
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Mountain Biking
by Orihe
Photo 464
Well with the dark nights just around the corner it was time to get some off road lights. Looked through many of the top brands selections but the price point was just out of my budget. <br /> <br /> Stumbled upon this light on eBay for just £14, figured at that price it would be worth a shot. Glad i gave it ago because its great! For the price you get a lot for your money, the light itself is only able to fit onto your bars or the head strap supplied. It certainly produces enough light on the high setting to let you go full blast on your favourite trail. With the low setting and the flash its handy for on the road too.
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by mark
Photo 463
I got these shoes specifically to hike the Kalalau Trail on Kauai, and they were amazing! I was looking for a shoe that is comfortable, durable and provides the traction I need for muddy trails. I also wanted a shoe that was lightweight, as I didn't want to haul hiking boots on my trip. The Cascadia 10 has all of these features and more! Incredibly comfortable with a ton of trail support. They also have have a pivot technology on each corner of the shoe that prevents your feet from rolling. These shoes also come in some very cool colors. I decided on the grey/green but you can also get a deep blue or bright orange. Highly recommend these shoes for all trail running and hiking.
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