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Serkan Konya
Augsburg, Germany

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Kayaking for 18 years

im an active ww kayaker and river guide since 2000 and i dont think that im going to stop it ever. whatever it takes.



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Photo 389
Basically the best rescue pfd i have had in 15 years. comfortable, functional in every situations (yes i tested my self) and plus, cool looking ;) what else you need more from a pfd ?
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Photo 265
Test ground: Wild Taurus rivers in Turkey<br /> Boat: Bazooka M<br /> <br /> Class 3-4 upper Manavgat. Keeping the line on the long technical rapids... just a piece of cake. I didn't even need to brace or recorrect my line. I had plenty of time for must make moves/boofs and eddys. No! Not because of its slow. It is a fast boat, flies over everything and I just didn't need to be busy with small problems.<br /> <br /> Class 4-5 Alara. Ok its time to take my first class 5 with this new generation whitewater machine. I feel confident but still a bit nervous as we are in a no exit canyon and I am the first one going down with no safety. In a short while I am completly calm and plan my line and strokes. Couldn't even scout the rest of the rapid but I knew the entrance is fine… can't wait anymore! baam! Smoot boof! Uups! A rooster on my way, turn and go, some holes etc. Nice big white. All fine, I am the happiest paddler today or ‘having the best day ever’.<br /> Two more rivers to go, Gevne and Dragon. Lower Gevne is a bit more Alpine style creek. After the sweet experience on Alara, I was even more confident to take on class 5 combos in narrow lines. Technical rapids with chaotic currents, big boofs. Happy.<br /> <br /> Dragon was the desert of the trip. Nice whitewater with long, fun rapids.<br /> So, in the end I am in love with my Bazooka. It is comfortable and has a great performance with maximum control. It took me to my next level.
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Photo 264
Safety first! make sure you have high-end safety items when paddling like i do.<br /> you never want your tools surprises you when you use tham in critical situations. HF is a proofed brand already for long time as its products are durable, functional and safe.
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Photo 263
So far the best i have ever used! feel so safe that i never have worries anymore if its gonna pop after a big boof or fighting with a giant hole. heavy duty. bullet proof.
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Photo 262
I'm paddling the rivers arround the world since 2000 and I don't remember how many of those expensive sun glasses I lost during my paddling days. Finally I get my 1st Sea Specs in 2005, result perfect!! I simply love its polarized technologie. Its comfortable, safe and it stays on my face even on Class V big rapids! SeaSpecs is my lifetime bit of paddling equipment which I can use on and off the water.
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Photo 261
I have been using Brewers since April 2013 and it was long enough to test tham in every situations. thay are the most compf shoes i have ever place my foot in. works perfectly in every action from sitting in a kayak to hard core portages or rescues. and just sticks on wet slippery rocks like octopus. also bec of the drain channels, thay dont keep the water in. gets dry almost as fast as sandals while protecting your toes during hikes or climbs. beside that, thay are also a super cool shoes for daily uses. by the way so far there is no signals of any abuse so also proofed that thay are gonna last looong. thank you Astral!
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