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Bilal Z. Mirza
Hamilton, Ontario

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Cycling for 6 years
Golf for 8 years
Weightlifting for 10 years

love nature and the tranquility and exhilaration of outdoor activities. Cycling, Golf and Hiking.



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by bzmirza
Photo 433
Got these bad boys on a sale event on the reebok website. Marked improvement in stability through movements like the squat and deadlift. You can toss them in the oven when you purchase them to heat the patented insole and then sit around for it to cool down to the shape of your foot's contour. the raised slightly raised heel and double strap gives great grip and a snug fit. I can't believe I used to lift in running shoes before I got these. highly recommended.
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by bzmirza
Photo 432
Put the 913D2 driver and 3 wood in the bag last year. I've never driven the golf ball with more confidence. great for changing setting to draw or fade to compensate for any swing flaws but I've been trying to hit it straight with the neutral setting. makes the most satisfying crack of an impact sound.
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by bzmirza
Photo 431
great for riding on any terrain. Did a mix of road, dirt and grass riding this past week.
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by bzmirza
Photo 403
got this cxbike recently and been riding it around some tarmac, dirt and gravel. The shot here is of a trail ride around Lake Niapenco which is about 5 kms from where I live. Thinking of taking it out for a more technical terrain single track later this week on the Dundas trails. let's see how it holds up.
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