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Andrew Pace

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Snowboarding for 14 years
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Innovate, adapt, succeed. Earn life, or it will live without you. Business student, friend, sports enthusiast, snowboarder, leader.



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Photo 105
I've used these bindings for a few years now. The leather tore a bit and the baseplate cracked. Called Burton, they have a lifetime warranty and sent out new parts to me immediately. Other than those issues they have been amazing, and there will always be some wear and tear on the slopes.
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Photo 32
Can't say enough about smith goggles. They never fog up and just simply get the job done. I have used the Oakley line and prefer the Smith tenfold. This is my first of two pairs of excellent Smith goggles.
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Photo 29
What an experience riding this thing for the day! Dangerous, fast, poppy, rail control, peanut butter kind of stuff... Wow! A lot of board for a cheap price. This thing is like lightning, as always with bataleon the triple base is incredible. Rails were a breeze. Control in the air off big kickers was a challenge. This board compliments an all mountain board really well for a rail day in the park or anything that requires quick, snappy turns.
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Photo 27
Whatever. Everything. All in one. Just like the previous whatever, this thing kicks ass.
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Photo 24
Unfortunately this bike was stolen from me, but it served as a catalyst to get me into cycling. It's a great intro bike to get you out on the roads and give you a real feel of just how awesome it can be to spend an afternoon of freedom cycling. I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking to spend less then $1K.
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Photo 15
This thing is a beast. The review is in the name... It is not a warm jacket, but that is not the point, it keeps you DRY. You could shower in this thing. It's more water proof than an umbrella! Highly recommend any Burton AK gore tex gear for both performance and warranty.
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Photo 14
The best snowboards on the planet. I can't say enough about Bataleon. The feel the first time you ride one cannot be compared to any of the top brands. Simply the best with incomparable ability to carve and butter.
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