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Many people are immediately put off from buying a Recon as a result of their not insubstantial weight (22kg). <br /> <br /> Having paddled the Recon 70 for a full year, I have developed three clear reasons to explain why it’s worth the weight:<br /> <br /> Outfitting - The Core Whiteout Outfitting can be fully customised and has a ratchet leg lifter to offer incredible connectivity and comfort. This allows you to really crank the Recon up on its edge for aggressive carving and impressive control in big volume water. I’m also told that the leg lifter ‘cradles your genitals nicely’, which is always a bonus. <br /> <br /> It’s a whitewater boss - Once you find your confidence with the Recon’s speed and find your aggression with edging into turns, you’ll reap the rewards. It is very much at home in the steep creeking and big volume whitewater environments with a rocker that will have you effortlessly boofing waterfalls and gliding over hungry holes.<br /> <br /> Tanks are heavy for a reason - You’d be somewhat disappointed if you drove a tank into a rock and then immediately had to get your welding kit out. It’s for this reasons that tanks are made thick, heavy and strong. <br /> <br /> These factors combined mean that any sweating and back ache on the way to the river will be more than made up for once you’re on the water. If you have the confidence to boss the Recon about a bit, you will be rewarded with a comfortable, fast and controlled boat which leaves you feeling
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