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Dom Whittaker
Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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Kayaking for 13 years

19, Fire Fighter, White water kayaker, river runner, creaking and playboating is my thing. Also a paddle sport instructor. Up for anything outside.



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by Domino
Photo 489
Wow! What a great peace of kit. This is by far one of the comfortable prices of paddling gear I have ever worn and it just looks fantastic. The fabric on the outside is Polyester which is hydrophobic (resisting water) what more do you need. It's also shaped in a way that when you paddling down the river it never feels awkward or stretching across your back, it just fits like a well tailored suit. It comes in either a very bright blue (that's what I have) or light bright green. Both look great and it you do take a swim you will be easily spotted by your buddy's. <br /> <br /> These suits are also tough. I'm not great at looking after stuff and this drusuit is holding up really well. *THIS DOESN'T MEAN TRY AND RUIN IT. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LOOK AFTER YOUR GEAR AS BEST AS YOU CAN* Haha. <br /> <br /> The only thing I would say bad about it is that it isn't that 'breathable' so you can feel like it's starting to get abit hot. But seriously... I would rather it be almost completely waterproof and keep me dry, then be abit more 'breathable' and start leaking.
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by Domino
Photo 386
My GoPro Hero4 Silver is a great piece of kit. Its exactly what you need if you want to get some great footage on such a small and robust camera.<br /> I'm a White Water kKayaker and have been saving my pennies for one of these for my recent trip to Croatia. I had a look at other possibilities but the GoPro Hero4 Silver was the obvious choice for me. With its variety of mount and ways to shoot and capture footage from almost any angle, the quality of the camera and the finished videos and picture where great! Plus having the touch screen on the back was very helpful when I was setting my camera up knowing its going to capture where I wanted it, and looking back at footage is super easy! Also as the GoPro have a wide angle setting when taking pictures and videos you can get alot in one shot from such a small camera,<br /> i would recomend this to anyone who need a good quality video camera that is light enough to mount to anything and not get in the way. Definateley if you participate in any sport and want to capture what your doing from any angle this is the camera for you.<br /> Check out my recent footage shot from my GoPro on my Facebook Page: Dom Whittaker Kayaking
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by Domino
Photo 317
Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface is awesome.<br /> Sweet Protection are by far the best manufacturer for whitewater helmets. The Rocker Fullface offers the most extensive protection available. The helmet is constructed in a way that it enables Swet to effectivly tune the shell for different properties in different areas for the best result. The low profile chin-guard protects your face, but it is also constructed to flex in order to reduce forces applied to the neck.<br /> I brought this helmet after smashing my face on a rock while kayaking. it is perfect for kayaking on rivers around grade 4 and up, and waterfalls :P<br /> You would wear a fullface if you were down hill mountain biking, so why not if your bombing it down a gnarly river. <br /> With these helmets there does come the price. they are the most expensive kayaking helmet on the market, and there are other cheaper alternatives. but i know of someone who smashed there head on a rock, and the doctor at the hospital told him if hadn't been wearing such a good helmet (sweet rocker) he may not be with us today. So how much are you willing to put on your head.
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by Domino
Photo 119
Great set of white water kayaking blades. I use them for everything like creaking, river running, boater X races and freestyle kayaking.<br /> The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blades give you confidence when you are rolling or bracing especially in aerated rapids.<br /> The Werner Stikine's have a foam core in the blades that's what gives them that buoyant feeling. This is great if your learning to roll or getting thrown about down a set of rapids because you will always be able to find the waters surface with these.<br /> These paddles are super strong and still feel light and powerful in the water.<br /> The paddle I have is 200cm long, with a 30Degree feather and a Cranked shaft. The feather on my paddle allows me to use them for bombing down rivers, while also being able to use them for Playboating. I also have a cranked shaft, personally I think this is more comfortable, also allows me to know exactly where to put my hands.<br /> They are a mid sized blade so the smaller paddlers out there these would be ideal. But even for me at 6ft3 there great. Having a slightly smaller blade means I wont be putting my shoulders under to much strain.<br /> I would recommend these to anyone who has been paddling for a few years and plans on upping there game. Or looking to move towards paddling on white water.<br /> If you are in the UK you can get hold of these at<br /> If not in the UK go to
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by Domino
Photo 118
The Pyranha Burn is an ultra fun boat that can me used in almost any situation. <br /> The carving rails on the bottom of the kayak give it a very controlled feel, letting you drive around the river easily and the flat hull makes it super easy to surf and ferry glide.<br /> This boat is great for accurate when making your way to an eddy, and will let you boof down rivers with ease.<br /> Great boat if you want to catch every micro eddy on the river and have a blast when paddling it. <br /> Even fun in a hole if you can manage it :)<br /> <br /> If you live in the UK great place to buy these from is at<br /> If not in the UK head over to and they should be able to hook you up.
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