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Damon Clark

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Ice Climbing for 3 years
Rock Climbing for 3 years

Brit who's just moved to Boston & looking for a new adventures. I'm a climbing/mountain instructor, leadership coach and successful entrepreneur



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Ice Climbing
by Damon
Photo 469
I'm still using my Black Diamond Reactor Ice Axe, despite being entry level tools, they still manage to get my up Grade 5 Ice Climbs ... Why change ?
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Rock Climbing
by Damon
Photo 468
I love my La Sportiva Katana's. They provide the perfect balance between an aggressive fit and comfort for those working in the mid grades. I tell my clients to focus on comfort, rather than cramming their feet into shoes designed for pushing upper technical grades.
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Rock Climbing
by Damon
Photo 414
I hate wearing helmets but the Petzl Meteor is so light weight and comfy It doesn't feel like I'm wearing a helmet.
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Rock Climbing
by Damon
Photo 413
They are so comfy... unless your pushing the high grades these shoes are all you need for a whole day on the crag with no foot pain.
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Ice Climbing
by Damon
Photo 259
I stumbled across this backpack & immediately realized the sack provided some clear advantages, particularly when trying to pick a sack that will provide some options and versatility. <br /> <br /> Firstly, although totally up to capacity the sack was perfect for a 3 day exped which involved some mountain scrambles. Tent, mat, sleeping back, spare clothing, cooking equipment and food all fitted with nothing hanging on the out-site and movement whilst scrambling was not restricted. For a two day exped the sack would have a little space to bring along some luxuries. <br /> <br /> For Ice Climbing in New England, it was a little large for single mountain days unless extra space is needed for supporting groups but for 2 days trips, it was perfect.
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