Skiing Blackcomb, Whistler, BC, Canada
Skiing action shot
Mark Rodgman mark
Skiing 14 years
4 years ago
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Pants Burton Ak 2L Cyclic Pant Cheetah

So these pants I borrowed last season from my friend, and my goodness are they a great wear. The gore-tex material makes them last for a very long time, I think he's had them for almost 4 years now. They have zippers on both legs to open up and allow for airflow, and they have massive pockets for easy access to things like cell phones, mp3 players, all while being extremely protected from the snow. Burton usually throws down a fairly high quality product all around, and these are no different. Years ago I had a AK jacket as well, and it lasted about 8 years. Long story short, the AK line is worth every penny.


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