Windsurfing Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Windsurfing action shot
Vincent Thomas ThomF401
Windsurfing 17 years
3 years ago
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Sail Goya Banzai 3,7

Using banzai Sail it's always a pleasure


3 years ago avatar mark says

Really cool shot & sail Vincent. Do you like the 3.7 better than the 4.2? Whats the main difference there

3 years ago avatar ThomF401 says

Thanks! Yes 3.7 it's my favorite I can rigged it with a 340 mast so the top of the sail it's more flexible Than the 4.2 I prefer for jumping.

3 years ago avatar mark says

Awesome, thanks for clarifying! The 3.7 does look like a fantastic sail

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