Kayaking Lee Valley White Water Centre, Station Road, Waltham Cross, United Kingdom
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3 years ago
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Drysuit Immersion Research 7figure

Wow! What a great peace of kit. This is by far one of the comfortable prices of paddling gear I have ever worn and it just looks fantastic. The fabric on the outside is Polyester which is hydrophobic (resisting water) what more do you need. It's also shaped in a way that when you paddling down the river it never feels awkward or stretching across your back, it just fits like a well tailored suit. It comes in either a very bright blue (that's what I have) or light bright green. Both look great and it you do take a swim you will be easily spotted by your buddy's.

These suits are also tough. I'm not great at looking after stuff and this drusuit is holding up really well. *THIS DOESN'T MEAN TRY AND RUIN IT. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LOOK AFTER YOUR GEAR AS BEST AS YOU CAN* Haha.

The only thing I would say bad about it is that it isn't that 'breathable' so you can feel like it's starting to get abit hot. But seriously... I would rather it be almost completely waterproof and keep me dry, then be abit more 'breathable' and start leaking.


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