Freeskiing Åre, Sverige
Freeskiing action shot
Truls Morfelt trulsmorfelt
Freeskiing 3 years
3 years ago
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Skis Forest Perun

Its The best damn ski I ever tried because it's so light to control in powder!


3 years ago avatar mark says

These look epic Truls. I currently have an all mountain ski, but need powder skis, so I'll check these out. Would you say they are fairly good for most areas of the mountain?

3 years ago avatar trulsmorfelt says

Yeah they are! This is a perfect powderski, 116 in the waist so they work very good everywhere on the mountain. I can hook you up with ambassador price if you're interested! Where do you live?

3 years ago avatar mark says

Thats wicked Truls, thanks for the advice. I live in Vancouver, BC and ski up at Whistler most of the time. And yes, I'd definitely be interested in having a look!

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