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Hydration CamelBak RaceBak

I use the Camelbak racebak on longer training days and some races. The vest that holds the bladder goes under your race jersey. It stays in a great position and it never becomes an issue. It can hold up to 2 litres of my go to hydration mix Alete, its a natural product that has everything you need and nothing you don't. The bladder comes with a long pipe that I have been meaning to to shorten so the mouth piece is in a better place for me. Great product to have in the tool kit for the training day or race that suits it.


3 years ago avatar tania says

Cool vest! How heavy is this, and is it bulky at all??

3 years ago avatar pedalpunisher says

The vest that holds is like a wicking undershirt. The bladder sits in back quite high so you don't feel it hardly at all.
It's a great piece of kit to have. I prefer it to a backpack for training as well.

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