Mountain Biking Smithfield, Queensland, Australia
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Tamara Katai TamaraKatai
Mountain Biking 5 years
3 years ago
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Bike Trek Lush

This bike is amazing! I'm short in height, and I've managed to find a bike that is truly nimble to ride on, fits like a glove, and eats trails like there is no tomorrow! Trek, you've done yourself justice.

She features 29er wheels, 120mm front- and back-suspension (Fox Float 32), and shin-shredding pedals.


3 years ago avatar tania says

Cool bike Tamara - is this mostly for advanced riders? I'm looking to mtb in whistler this summer, and want to get a bike fairly forgiving for my first few rides.

3 years ago avatar TamaraKatai says

Hi @tania! The Lush is definitely a forgiving companion out on the trails whether you are a beginner or advanced. I also found it to be able to eat most obstacles with ease, and to be super comfortable if the suspension is dialed in right! It's designed for women with a low stand-over height and is quite short in length too. I fall in love with it every time I ride it. Feel free to ask me any more questions if you have any ;)

3 years ago avatar tania says

Hi Tamara, thanks so much for the feedback! My husband and I have a goal to try mountain biking this spring! We live in Vancouver with all the trails and mountains it's sad that we have never taken advantage of this yet. I will definitely have to give this bike a try. Thanks!

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