Hiking Joffre Lakes Trail, Mount Currie, BC, Canada
Hiking action shot
Tania Kabantsov tania
Hiking 13 years
3 years ago
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Shorts Lululemon Speed 4-way Stretch

These shorts fit nicely and prevent chafing. The material is awesome for all types of activities, and I absolutely love the design. Cool, back pocket zipper too to carry something small while running. The best thing about Lululemon clothing is the quality and how long it lasts! I still have pants from 4 years ago that haven't aged a day.


3 years ago avatar rysulli says

Awesome shot! I have not tried Kit and Ace. Have you? Do you like the brand if so?

3 years ago avatar tania says

Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment and for checking out my profile. Yes I do. Their clothing is quite comfortable and I find it to be good quality so far with the items I've purchased. More of an active lifestyle brand than a sports clothing store like Lululemon tho.

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