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PFD Palm Equipment FXr

The Palm FXr has got to be the best PFD I've ever used. I have had tried on and worn quite a few PFDs such as Astral's Green Jacket or the Rivermonster from Nookie and have never really got on with them for various reasons. However if you're looking for style, comfort or functionality, the FXr will tick all of those boxes.
The low cut of the jacket gives you loads of room to do anything kayak related. It is so easy to adjust for a perfect fit and all of the straps tuck away really nicely to make sure there aren't any major snag hazards.
The anti ride-up waist system works a treat. If you're in the water because you've taken a swim or you're just practising a live bait rescue, the FXr will stay in place a keep you out of the water thanks to its 60 -70N of buoyancy.
I was also impressed by the durability of the PFD. It's made of 500D Cordura which makes it really hard wearing and allows you to chuck it your kit bag and not worry about anything tearing. The pocket size is surprisingly large too. It doesn't look that big but I can easily fit a sling, 4 krabs and a roll of gaffa tape in it as well as some earplugs which can be kept in an inner mesh pocket to keep them from damage. I also really like the knife slot just above the main pocket. It's beg enough to fit Palm's new river knife in it and closes with a simple pod stud which makes it super easy to get out if you ever get into a rescue situation.
In my opinion, this is the only PFD y


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