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Camera GoPro Hero4 Silver

My GoPro Hero4 Silver is a great piece of kit. Its exactly what you need if you want to get some great footage on such a small and robust camera.
I'm a White Water kKayaker and have been saving my pennies for one of these for my recent trip to Croatia. I had a look at other possibilities but the GoPro Hero4 Silver was the obvious choice for me. With its variety of mount and ways to shoot and capture footage from almost any angle, the quality of the camera and the finished videos and picture where great! Plus having the touch screen on the back was very helpful when I was setting my camera up knowing its going to capture where I wanted it, and looking back at footage is super easy! Also as the GoPro have a wide angle setting when taking pictures and videos you can get alot in one shot from such a small camera,
i would recomend this to anyone who need a good quality video camera that is light enough to mount to anything and not get in the way. Definateley if you participate in any sport and want to capture what your doing from any angle this is the camera for you.
Check out my recent footage shot from my GoPro on my Facebook Page: Dom Whittaker Kayaking


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