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Kayak Fluid Bazooka

At this moment in time, I think the Fluid Bazooka is one of the best creek boats on the market.

I've been paddling it for around 6 months and have been very impressed. It's so easy to throw in and out of the smallest eddys and nail those boofs you were struggling on last season thanks to the new edgy stern, rail design and more aggressive rocker that keeps the bow dry.

I also really like the new Mod5 outfitting. I found it extremely easy to get the perfect fit and didn't feel at all constricted by the aggressive thigh grips. The material Fluid uses for their outfitting are a much better alternative to other brands for example Liquidlogic's Badass outfitting. It doesn't absorb water which keeps you warmer if you happen to take a swim and you don't have to worry about drying everything out at the end of a session.

The boat itself is quite short and wide in comparison to boats such as the new Burn or Shiva from Pyranha, however I found it to be a very fast boat, allowing me to beat a Jackson Karma and Liquidlogic Remix in a Boater X style race.

It isn't just built for hucking massive waterfalls or charging through some gnarly grade 5 rivers. It's very agile and responsive - allowing you to make the tightest eddys before a big drop. These features will help beginners to progress very quickly and gain confidence as they will feel in control at all times. All in all, this is a fantastic creeker for any caliber of pad


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