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String Babolat Rpm 17

During all the years that I played tennis, I have tried many different types of strings - synthetic gut, polyester, combination of both, etc. Most of the time the strings didn't feel right. And if they did feel right, they would break within 2 practice sessions. While I played competitively, I was never able to find that perfect string that provided feel, pop and was durable. Then the Babolat RPM was introduced and the game was changed. This is hands-down the best string I have ever used. Every ball you hit feels good, with just the right amount of pop. I can't imagine playing with any other string. It has changed the string game and thus has shaped the tennis world. Great string for individuals of all levels. Highly recommended.

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4 years ago avatar mark says

Epic string! I currently use this stuff as well, and its wicked. High quality and still takes about about a week of heavy hitting to break.

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