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Tires Maxxis Ikon 3c Exo

I have used Ikons for a few years now in all conditions and love them. When it is greasy or wet I lower the pressure for a bigger foot print. I run them between 20 and 25 psi.
They accelerate fast and have a consistent feel when turning and don't give out when you are working them. Like in this picture where I came in way to hot on a small berm on day six of the trans rockies ST6 2014.
I use the 2.2 versions that weigh 590 grams. I put them on tubeless even though they are not the tubeless ready ones and they have never let me down.
I use them front and rear. They are a great xc and marathon tyre where you wont be left behind if the conditions change mid race.

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4 years ago avatar mark says

These Maxxis tires look epic Michael, and ready to tackle all conditions. Thanks for the awesome post!

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