Hiking Whistler Mountain, Whistler, BC, Canada
Hiking action shot
Mark Rodgman mark
Hiking 9 years
4 years ago
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Camera GoPro Hero3 Plus Black Edition

This is my friends' camera, and I have to say the GoPro 3+ is absolutely incredible. It takes insane photos and videos, at extremely wide angles. The new wireless functionality allows you to connect to your phone so you can see and upload all your pics right on your smartphone. It's such a lightweight and sleek camera that you can take it basically anywhere. No matter what activity you do, this is the camera to have with you to capture any moment. I'm pretty sure the jump from the 2 to 3 was very big, so I definitely recommend at least going with the 3 or 3+. Regardless, this camera is 100% a must, you won't regret it.


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