Skiing Whistler Mountain, Whistler, BC, Canada
Skiing action shot
Mark Rodgman mark
Skiing 14 years
4 years ago
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Backpack Lululemon Cruiser

I've had this bag for a few years now, and honestly it's one of the best backpacks i've ever used. There is literally a compartment for everything, laptop, wallet, keys, change, yoga, wet, dry, everything. A bit of a higher end bag compared to others, but lulu gets it right with this one. My bag is still going strong, and no rips or tears. I personally use mine on the mountain all the time, and there has never been an issue. Not waterproof, but comes with a stowable water-resistant cover. If you're considering a good backpack for lots of activity use, this is a great choice.


4 years ago avatar PocketPacer says

I think the wise mans name was Ryan Sheckler

4 years ago avatar mark says

That's nothing for him...I wonder what kind of kickflip indy equivalents he throws down on the mountain??

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