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Welcome to Dooers! We can’t tell you how excited we are to work together and build this active community. Here is how you can make the most of your experience:

Showcase the Best Items

Share your action shots and highlight your favorite gear. Upload your items in action and get people inspired.

Share Your Expertise

Tell everyone about your item experiences and why your gear works for you. Help people find what they need by showing them what items you use and giving them a personal recommendation.

Search New Gear

Find what you need to do what you love. Discover the best items and keep getting better at your favourite activites.

Collect Cool Items

Save the products you like to your personal wish list. When you see an item you’re interested in, add it to your collection in your profile.

Build Your Profile

Update your activity experience, link your social accounts and get more item views. Share your item posts on other networks and follow new dooers for maximum profile reach.

Start Doing

Try new activities, use new items, travel new places, and share your experience with the dooers community

Use Dooers to the fullest

Dooers needs dooers, it needs you! Whether it's uploading your items in action, being inspired by the latest gear, writing about your product experiences, adding comments, following other dooers, or collecting new items, the more actions we take the more useful the Dooers community will become.

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What is Dooers?

Dooers is a product discovery platform to exchange gear expertise and find the best items from the world’s trendsetters. We're a community of active enthusiasts coming together to learn from each other about our best gear and get personal, in context and genuine item advice for our activities.

Why Dooers exists?

Our purpose is to bring together a community of dooers who inspire action. We believe that action shots inspire and manifest the act of doing. Our hope is that by bringing active and energetic people together, we can encourage everyone to do more of what they love.

What's the story of Dooers?

To read our story, check out our blog.

What are action shots and why are these the only type of photos I can upload?

Action shots are photos showing someone doing an activity, we want to encourage the act of doing. Get out, be active, try new gear, and capture it.

How do I report inappropriate images, or comments?

To report inappropriate images, simply click the flag button located at the top of the photos. You can also flag any comment right beside the comment.

Is there a way to filter photos taken of a certain activity, item type, brand, model or place?

When you click the link of any activity, item type, brand, model or location, you will navigate to a page filtered to that selection. You can also use the drop down navigation at the top of the homepage to filter through activities, as well as the most viewed and inspiring items.

Is there a Dooers app?

We are currently developing the Dooers app and hope to release it as soon as possible.

Can anyone join the Dooers community?

Dooers is currently in public beta and is open for anyone to join. If you know someone who is perfect for the community, invite them! We want to make Dooers as useful as possible, so please share your feedback with us.

How do I edit my profile, change my account settings, email address, username, password or account status?

In your profile, click “Edit Profile” to change all of these functions. You can also access "Settings” from the user drop down menu at the top right of the screen. If you want your delete your account, simply contact us.

How can I get my profile featured on the Dooers blog?

To recognize our most active users, we will publish full features on our blog. If you are interested in being featured, give us a shout!

What kind of photos can I upload?

Dooers supports only photos of you doing a specific activity, otherwise known as an action shot. Under no circumstances can you upload photos pertaining to criminal or sexual activity. Please see our terms for a complete outline of use and prohibitions.

How can I take great action shots of my activities?

You can have someone take a photo with your camera or get them to send you photos they take from theirs. If you are brave enough, you can even take photos of yourself doing the activity! The best results are with a wearable camera.

Do I have to own the action shots I post?

Yes. Due to copyright infringements, you must own the action shots you post. If you don’t own them, please get permission from the owner of the photo before you post it.

How do I delete action shots from my profile?

You can delete a photo when viewing your action shot. Click “Edit” on the bottom right of any of your photos, and there will be an option to delete it.

How do I add new activities to my profile?

Activities get added to your profile only when you add a new Item In Action for that activity. When you're uploading an Item In Action, you will select the activity as one of your first steps.

Can I create a new activity if it doesn’t already exist?

Unfortunately not. If the activity doesn’t exist in our system, please contact us and we will add it to our list as soon as possible. Right now, we are working with a select list of activities that will grow over time.

How do I edit my activity experience?

You can update your activity experience in your profile or when viewing one of your item posts, by clicking the plus or minus symbols.

What information is required when I upload an Item In Action

Required information includes the activity category, location, item type, brand, model and gear recommendation. This is to make the posts as informative as possible.

What should I include in my gear recommendation?

Only recommend the items you personally love to use and are good value. This isn't a site to bash bad things, we want to help people find only the best gear. Like any good advice, tell other dooers what you think of the item and why it helps you perform your activity better. Hands-on item experience is very valuable to other users, so please share it with the community!

Why can't I tag multiple items in an action shot?

We tested tagging multiple items per photo and we found that a lot of information gets lost. Like most other apps that include tagging information superimposed on pictures, it can get very messy, so we decided to make each post a single item feature. If you want to showcase more items, simply upload another Item In Action and share your experience. We are open to other ways to identify multiple items per action shot, so please share any ideas you have with us!

What if there is no brand or model for my Item in Action? Some of my items I made myself.

If you enter in the item brand, or model and our system does not auto populate it, simply type it in and it will automatically create the name for the first time. If there is no brand or model for your item, enter "Custom" for this field.

How can I help others find my items on the web?

Below your item post will be an option to add a link so others can find the item on the web. Our team will do our best to find links to your items as well. Our goal is to help people find what they need, so by working together we can make this possible. You can also get rewarded for sharing links through affiliate programs.

How do I get rewarded for sharing item links that help other dooers find what they need?

When you provide a link to an item post, you can get rewarded depending if you have your link registered with an affiliate program. We don’t block affiliate links, so you can keep any revenue generated from the links you provide :)

How can I edit my Item In Action

To edit your items, click the 'edit' button at the bottom right corner of your action shots.

What is an Individual Account?

In an individual account, you showcase your gear expertise and discover the best items for your activities. An individual account is not for the deliberate promotion of another company’s products or anything else affiliated with a company. The purpose of the individual account is to provide trusted recommendations to others looking to perform their activities better. We are working on features to allow brand accounts.

Does Dooers have verified accounts?

Essentially every account on Dooers is a verified account. Since each account must be created by the actual person sharing photos of themselves doing activities with their items, each account must be real and accurate. There is zero tolerance for fake or fraudulent accounts on Dooers, and they will be removed immediately. Dooers will introduce stickers along the way, including a pro sticker that will let you know if someone is professional in their respective activity.

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