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The Best Items for Your Activities

Have you ever wondered what the experts use for their activities? Curious of why they choose their best items and where they find them? These are the questions that inspired us to create Dooers.

Dooers is a product discovery platform to exchange gear expertise and find the best items from the world’s trendsetters. We're a community of active enthusiasts coming together to learn from each other about our best gear and get personal, in context and genuine item advice for our activities.

Let's Inspire Action

Find what you need to do what you love

Learn about the gear your peers use and find the best items for your activities.

Get in-context item advice from the world's trendsetters

Understand why the best use what they use through their personal gear experiences.

Collaborate on gear knowledge and stay up to date

Share your expertise and keep improving by exploring the best new items.

Be inspired, take action and start doing

Dooers is about finding the right items, doing more and getting better at the activities you love.

It's your community

Dooers is about bringing active people together. They're the first ones down the mountain carving fresh powder, and the ones up before sunrise tuning their bike for the road. They eat, sleep and breathe their favorite activities, and love to share their discoveries with the world. Dooers inspire everyone around them to start doing.

We all need your help

We need people like you to help build the Dooers community. With your inspiration, we can all discover new activities, find cool items to use, explore new places, and be motivated to be active. Dooers exists for you to capture yourself in action and share your gear expertise to help others find only the best items. If you know any fellow dooers who will help the community flourish, invite them. Full participation from all of us is the best way to build a truly valuable community.

Why should I contribute?

What better way to learn about the best items than to exchange your expertise with other enthusiasts? These are just a few reasons to participate:

  • You can discover new gear yourself and ultimately get better at what you love to do.
  • We’ll showcase you via our social channels and consider you for a full feature.
  • You’ll be first in line as a Dooers Ambassador, with access to swag and gear testing.
  • Others can learn from your experience and advice, and be encouraged to use better items.

When you inspire others, someone else will inspire you to try something new.

What is the ideal content?

  • Add your best action shots, those that require you to get out and be active.
  • Photos must be original action shots of yourself that you own or have rights to.
  • Only recommend the items you have used enough to share useful gear expertise.

What ettiquette should I follow?

  • Please be really you and yourself. Don't create a fake account.
  • Share only the items you have used enough to describe your personal gear experiences.
  • Only share photos of you being active. Leave the boring ones for other social networks :)
  • Leave out all unpleasant comments. Here or anywhere.
  • Don't post offensive or illegal photos. Because just don’t.

If you choose to do any of the above, we might have to remove your content and suspended or terminate your account. Let’s play nice for the good of everyone.

“We created Dooers to inspire you to start doing. Our dream is to help everyone find more happiness and love through what they do.”

Mark & Miguel Co-Founders

We believe

  • You should spend more time doing what you love.
  • Nothing should hold you back in the pursuit of your dreams.
  • Your activities and passions represent your beliefs and purpose.
  • Recommendations from people we trust are the most valuable.
  • The greatest way to create fulfillment is to help and create happiness in those around you.

Our Pledge to the Community

Our team believes strongly in trust, loyalty and complete transparency. We are a startup that wants to serve our community, nd by this we mean work together to continuously make Dooers better each and every day. We know that all of us together can achieve more than any single person alone.

Looking Ahead

Currently, Dooers is entirely bootstrapped. Our team would love to work on Dooers full-time and in order to make this possible we will experiment with affiliate links and in-context advertisements from the beginning. We will not adopt any method that could jeopardize the community feeling and experience, and we will definitely not be selling your content. Know that your information will be as secure as possible and you will always retain all rights to your content. We are not in the business of selling our user's information.

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