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Mountain Biking
Photo 506
Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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Photo 397
Definitly in love with this sail easy control, Nice for wave and freestyle as well
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Photo 395
I have many mountaineering backpacks but this one is my favorite. The black diamond speed 55 is just incredible, very lightweight and a very simple design. The reactive suspension is awesome and very comfortable. Most of the time I use this pack for 2 or 3 days trip to carry my equipment (I carry my tent, sleeping bag, technical tools, and so on)
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Photo 394
The Palm FXr has got to be the best PFD I've ever used. I have had tried on and worn quite a few PFDs such as Astral's Green Jacket or the Rivermonster from Nookie and have never really got on with them for various reasons. However if you're looking for style, comfort or functionality, the FXr will tick all of those boxes. <br /> The low cut of the jacket gives you loads of room to do anything kayak related. It is so easy to adjust for a perfect fit and all of the straps tuck away really nicely to make sure there aren't any major snag hazards. <br /> The anti ride-up waist system works a treat. If you're in the water because you've taken a swim or you're just practising a live bait rescue, the FXr will stay in place a keep you out of the water thanks to its 60 -70N of buoyancy. <br /> I was also impressed by the durability of the PFD. It's made of 500D Cordura which makes it really hard wearing and allows you to chuck it your kit bag and not worry about anything tearing. The pocket size is surprisingly large too. It doesn't look that big but I can easily fit a sling, 4 krabs and a roll of gaffa tape in it as well as some earplugs which can be kept in an inner mesh pocket to keep them from damage. I also really like the knife slot just above the main pocket. It's beg enough to fit Palm's new river knife in it and closes with a simple pod stud which makes it super easy to get out if you ever get into a rescue situation. <br /> In my opinion, this is the only PFD y
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Photo 393
The Revelation is my favorite touring pack ever. In addition to having a built-in Avalung and having plenty of room, the pack is compatible with water bladders and has straps for A-frame ski carry, a helmet carry system (not implemented in the photo), a dual ice-axe carry system, and a quick-access pocket designed to keep avy tools organized and within quick reach. The Revelation utilizes Black Diamond's ergoActiv/ SwingArm suspension system which keeps the shoulder straps appropriately situated during dynamic movement, and is one of my favorite suspension systems I've ever encountered (having used Osprey, Lowe, Dakine, and Kelty packs in the field). While the pack itself is quite durable, the zipper pulls are not, but can easily be replaced with paracord or the like. Light enough for ski touring and big enough to accommodate bulky mountaineering equipment, this pack holds enough for a long day project, but isn't big enough to haul overnight gear.
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Photo 392
Fast and light jacket just 325 grams! A minimal design of 3 layers of Goretex fabric maximize breathability on alpine routs. This jacket is great due to you can compress it and store in a very small bag. <br /> Definitely my favorite jacket so far.
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Photo 391
Definitely my tent to go for mountaineering. Very lightweight as well as compact; this tent is very stronger and well designed for very bad conditions. I tried a lot of tents but this one is definitely my favorite. The ventilation system is so amazing.
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Water Skiing
Photo 390
This item is great because it is so wide to which means its a lot more stable to ride that just some regular waterskis. Its really easy to get up with and its easy and very playful and fun to ski with so its fit everyone, beginner as if you're more advanced.
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Photo 389
Basically the best rescue pfd i have had in 15 years. comfortable, functional in every situations (yes i tested my self) and plus, cool looking ;) what else you need more from a pfd ?
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Mountain Biking
Photo 388
Everyone knows Fox makes excellent, highly adjustable, super durable air shocks. What everyone doesn't know is that you don't need more than 140mm of travel for almost any mountain biking endeavor. The RL forks give adequate suspension without trading off too much in the way of trail traction. Unless if you're off breaking bones while starring in Red Bull ads, do yourself a favor and don't buy a 200mm fork. You don't need the travel or the weight.
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by rysulli
Photo 387
I love the new and improved version of the Nike Lunarlon. Not only are the comfy, but extremely lightweight.
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by Domino
Photo 386
My GoPro Hero4 Silver is a great piece of kit. Its exactly what you need if you want to get some great footage on such a small and robust camera.<br /> I'm a White Water kKayaker and have been saving my pennies for one of these for my recent trip to Croatia. I had a look at other possibilities but the GoPro Hero4 Silver was the obvious choice for me. With its variety of mount and ways to shoot and capture footage from almost any angle, the quality of the camera and the finished videos and picture where great! Plus having the touch screen on the back was very helpful when I was setting my camera up knowing its going to capture where I wanted it, and looking back at footage is super easy! Also as the GoPro have a wide angle setting when taking pictures and videos you can get alot in one shot from such a small camera,<br /> i would recomend this to anyone who need a good quality video camera that is light enough to mount to anything and not get in the way. Definateley if you participate in any sport and want to capture what your doing from any angle this is the camera for you.<br /> Check out my recent footage shot from my GoPro on my Facebook Page: Dom Whittaker Kayaking
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Photo 384
I love this idem because its so cool! It's waterproof and very bright! It comes with a power box, charger, and the led light strips. The kit is a color changing light system that also is effected by movement. Its totally reprogramable to any settiings you'd like.Using this idem is so much fun and is a big eye-popper in night skiing! I didn't get a chance to go night skiing this year so this is the best picture I have to show them off. Go to and get yours!
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