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Mountain Biking
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Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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I used the Ksix-One 95 all throughout college and its a fantastic frame. Its a great high performance racquet with a solid mix of control and power. Much more forgiving than the model Federer plays with seeing that its more stiff. I enjoy the larger string pattern over the 16x80 because it gives a larger sweet spot on your shots. This is also a very versatile racquet, allowing good pop on groundstrokes, control on volleys and accuracy on serves.
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Photo 3
This is one of my favorite watches, and one of the biggest reasons why is that it is an all purpose automatic! I absolutely hate when batteries run out, so I have now moved to automatic watches and they make everything so much easier. Sure you might have to re-set the time on your watch here and there, but its completely worth it not having to worry about the battery. This Kenneth Cole model is super slick, and can be used to dress up in or as you can see go on hikes with! Very unique face to this watch as well. I would suggest looking into any of their watches, usually pretty well done.
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These weights may be the single best purchase I have ever made. I used to do P90X Plus, so this is where I was originally introduced to them. Always moving and in different places, not knowing if I will be close to a gym, I had to get them. They work exactly how you see them. You turn the dial on both sides to the same weight, and just pull the weight out and its ready to use. I went with the 5lb to 52.5lb model, because it was all I needed. These weight ranges allow me to do everything from a solid upper body workout, to squats. If you're looking for a way to workout without leaving your house, and want a solution that takes up to no space at all, get these weights. You will never regret it, its like having a gym wherever you live.
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Epic Wedge! Gives lots of spin on the ball, and great feel around the greens. Cleveland at its best!
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