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Mountain Biking
Photo 506
Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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by mark
Photo 18
These are wicked headphones. I was originally sold on the whole Beats trend, however when I got the headphones I was surprised how good the quality actually was. Maybe not up to Bose standards, but very good regardless. Beats definitely wins in the style category, and the quick remote on the aux cord is great for convenience. These are over the ear headphones, and not noise cancelling. The only downfall I would say is that other people can hear the music you're playing sometimes if your volume is substantially high. Other than that, these are great headphones for low movement activities. I lift weights with them on all the time, and they work great!
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by rav
Photo 17
During all the years that I played tennis, I have tried many different types of strings - synthetic gut, polyester, combination of both, etc. Most of the time the strings didn't feel right. And if they did feel right, they would break within 2 practice sessions. While I played competitively, I was never able to find that perfect string that provided feel, pop and was durable. Then the Babolat RPM was introduced and the game was changed. This is hands-down the best string I have ever used. Every ball you hit feels good, with just the right amount of pop. I can't imagine playing with any other string. It has changed the string game and thus has shaped the tennis world. Great string for individuals of all levels. Highly recommended.
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Photo 15
This thing is a beast. The review is in the name... It is not a warm jacket, but that is not the point, it keeps you DRY. You could shower in this thing. It's more water proof than an umbrella! Highly recommend any Burton AK gore tex gear for both performance and warranty.
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Photo 14
The best snowboards on the planet. I can't say enough about Bataleon. The feel the first time you ride one cannot be compared to any of the top brands. Simply the best with incomparable ability to carve and butter.
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by mark
Photo 13
This is my friends' camera, and I have to say the GoPro 3+ is absolutely incredible. It takes insane photos and videos, at extremely wide angles. The new wireless functionality allows you to connect to your phone so you can see and upload all your pics right on your smartphone. It's such a lightweight and sleek camera that you can take it basically anywhere. No matter what activity you do, this is the camera to have with you to capture any moment. I'm pretty sure the jump from the 2 to 3 was very big, so I definitely recommend at least going with the 3 or 3+. Regardless, this camera is 100% a must, you won't regret it.
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by mark
Photo 11
I've had this bag for a few years now, and honestly it's one of the best backpacks i've ever used. There is literally a compartment for everything, laptop, wallet, keys, change, yoga, wet, dry, everything. A bit of a higher end bag compared to others, but lulu gets it right with this one. My bag is still going strong, and no rips or tears. I personally use mine on the mountain all the time, and there has never been an issue. Not waterproof, but comes with a stowable water-resistant cover. If you're considering a good backpack for lots of activity use, this is a great choice.
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by mark
Photo 10
Some people would probably say I'm obsessed with these hats, owning multiples. They are very multi-purpose in use, everything from casually going out, to hiking. For me, its the style of the short brim, and flex fit for maximum comfort. It's the perfect hat for going out to do your thing and still want to look stylish without looking like you put much work in :)
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by mark
Photo 9
So I will be honest, I don't buy a lot of Lululemon clothing because it is arguably very overpriced. However, their clothes last for such a long time because the quality is actually so high. So as with anything, a lot of the time its worth spending a bit more because you will simply have it and enjoy it longer. This zip up I've had for years now, and it seriously still looks brand new. Great for any activity - I use it warming up for tennis, skiing on the mountain under my jacket and also every time I hike. I definitely recommend checking out anything on their men's line. Even if you just own one or two things from Lululemon, you'll be sure to have it for quite some time.
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by mark
Photo 8
So these pants I borrowed last season from my friend, and my goodness are they a great wear. The gore-tex material makes them last for a very long time, I think he's had them for almost 4 years now. They have zippers on both legs to open up and allow for airflow, and they have massive pockets for easy access to things like cell phones, mp3 players, all while being extremely protected from the snow. Burton usually throws down a fairly high quality product all around, and these are no different. Years ago I had a AK jacket as well, and it lasted about 8 years. Long story short, the AK line is worth every penny.
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by mark
Photo 7
So after having this glove for many years, I can accurately say it works. Its great in the rain, and in sunny weather also. Its made with a very coarse material that allows you to get a great grip on the club. Over time the material does slowly start to rip, but nothing compared to other gloves on the market. This is easily one of the strongest gloves I've ever played with.
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by mark
Photo 6
I purchased these boots along with the beginner skis at the start of this season, so they fit fairly well together. It's a standard boot and got the job done, perfect for anyone learning to ski. I'm definitely upgrading next season to something more appropriate for my level. I've heard that it is almost better to spend more on the boots than it is on the actual skis. There is no substitute for how comfortable your feet are on that mountain, so definitely find a boot thats right for you.
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by mark
Photo 5
This helmet is amazing! It fits so well around my head, and the warmth is so good that there is no need to wear any tuques underneath either. The best part about his helmet is the SPEAKERS! Absolutely unreal to jam to on the mountain without worrying about taking earbuds in and out separately. It even has a volume control on the jack for easy access. Very classy helmet...I absolutely love it. Will never go without a speaker helmet ever again. Highly recommend this!
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