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Mountain Biking
Photo 506
Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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by graz
Photo 30
I use these skis on groomers rippers and for shredding the park. With Jib Rocker press and butters are easy and fun, zero camber underfoot and love play with on boxes and rails. Bindings are fully centered mounted, Domain are totally bidirectional skis, super fun for high speed reverts and carving switch. Yes, i love these skis.
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Photo 29
What an experience riding this thing for the day! Dangerous, fast, poppy, rail control, peanut butter kind of stuff... Wow! A lot of board for a cheap price. This thing is like lightning, as always with bataleon the triple base is incredible. Rails were a breeze. Control in the air off big kickers was a challenge. This board compliments an all mountain board really well for a rail day in the park or anything that requires quick, snappy turns.
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by mark
Photo 28
I've had this watch for about 4 years now, and it feels almost like new. These watches last for a long time, and surprisingly stay in wicked condition. My G-Shock is white and the color hasn't faded whatsoever. Since these watches are waterproof, it's basically on my wrist all summer wherever I go. You can wear it for almost anything, and I even wear it to play tennis! Very stylish of course, but also very useful. The reason this watch is so good for activities like hiking is because it so lightweight and sporty, but you also don't need to be worried about damaging it since it's so durable. Standard timing features, backlit display, and hard rubber material that's very scratch resistant. Going to be getting a black one soon too!
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Photo 27
Whatever. Everything. All in one. Just like the previous whatever, this thing kicks ass.
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by ppiche
Photo 26
Nike vapors have always delivered a nice tight fit for my thin feet. The blades let me accelerate to my top speed much quicker than other cleats I have owned in the past.
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by gant10
Photo 25
Extremely light and comfortable boots. Everything you are looking for from a high performance perspective. Speed is a critical part of the game and with the F50 Adizeros you can gain the competitive edge on your opponents. I highly recommend them for any player in the game of soccer.
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Photo 24
Unfortunately this bike was stolen from me, but it served as a catalyst to get me into cycling. It's a great intro bike to get you out on the roads and give you a real feel of just how awesome it can be to spend an afternoon of freedom cycling. I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking to spend less then $1K.
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by mark
Photo 23
Last season was the first year I used these goggles. All I have to say is absolutely insane....Not only is the style impossible to beat, but the quality is very high end. The lenses are absolutely massive, so vision is the best it possibly could be. Ventilation is also stellar, so these goggles never fog up. The lenses are interchangeable, so if you want a different colour, you can just swap them out for something else. I have had Spy sunglasses in the past, so I know the quality, and I was happy to know their ski goggles are on par. Highly recommend these goggles to up your game as the performance is top notch.
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by rav
Photo 22
All Babolat racquets are shoulders above their current competitors. Many of the top tennis players in the world are currently using these sticks. If you go to a national junior tournament you will notice all the top up and coming juniors are using these racquets as well. I have used various Babolat racquets throughout my playing career and have found all of them to be exceptional. The Pure Storm is by far my favourite. It provides me the perfect balance of power and control. With chronic shoulder issues the Pure Storm provides me the edge I need on court without extra stress on my shoulder, thus I can enjoy long, intense practice sessions without lingering pain afterwards. I highly recommend this product for tennis players who are looking for a bit more control than the average racquet.
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by mark
Photo 21
I have been on skis since I was a little kid, but there was a span of 5-6 years where I did next to nothing. I recently got back into it last season, and I needed a set up to get me back into the swing of things. These Head skis got the job done! Since at the start of the season I was basically a beginner again, these worked out great. I did improve towards the end of the season so I will be looking for a more advanced set up next year, but happy with my purchase on these nevertheless. If you are a beginner and looking for something simple to start, I highly recommend.
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by mark
Photo 20
Like most shoes, I usually go with Nike. The Lunarswift 4's are no exception and are top notch. I have used these from everything to long distance running, to cross training, to tough hikes. There are a slip in model, with laces covering the outside, so your feet are more than secure and stable throughout. Very narrow fit almost like a glove, and extremely lightweight for fast movement. Great quality too, have lasted me for almost 2 years. Great shoe if you want something versatile and high quality for a variety of activities.
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by mark
Photo 19
These are simply great golf shoes. Very comfortable and awesome traction. I have been playing with them for a few years and the durability is there as well. Good for all weather, and even heavy rain too.
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