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Mountain Biking
Photo 506
Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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Photo 383
Many people are immediately put off from buying a Recon as a result of their not insubstantial weight (22kg). <br /> <br /> Having paddled the Recon 70 for a full year, I have developed three clear reasons to explain why it’s worth the weight:<br /> <br /> Outfitting - The Core Whiteout Outfitting can be fully customised and has a ratchet leg lifter to offer incredible connectivity and comfort. This allows you to really crank the Recon up on its edge for aggressive carving and impressive control in big volume water. I’m also told that the leg lifter ‘cradles your genitals nicely’, which is always a bonus. <br /> <br /> It’s a whitewater boss - Once you find your confidence with the Recon’s speed and find your aggression with edging into turns, you’ll reap the rewards. It is very much at home in the steep creeking and big volume whitewater environments with a rocker that will have you effortlessly boofing waterfalls and gliding over hungry holes.<br /> <br /> Tanks are heavy for a reason - You’d be somewhat disappointed if you drove a tank into a rock and then immediately had to get your welding kit out. It’s for this reasons that tanks are made thick, heavy and strong. <br /> <br /> These factors combined mean that any sweating and back ache on the way to the river will be more than made up for once you’re on the water. If you have the confidence to boss the Recon about a bit, you will be rewarded with a comfortable, fast and controlled boat which leaves you feeling
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by vhtrip
Photo 382
I love dynafit! The best on the market
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Rock Climbing
Photo 380
The Mad Pad rules: it's durable and gives you adequate coverage for a much cheaper price than most other crash pads on the market. Squish your gear inside before folding it up and leave the daypack at camp.
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by goar85
Photo 379
This is what happens when this ski is in its real environment, you cant even see them in the photo. Most playful ski you will ever find in fresh and light deep snow, you will fly in top of the white cloud thanks to the 118mm wide underfoot, and not only that it still can do a good job in the groomers thanks to its camber construction, and early rise and tale, and of course in the park either inbounds or wherever you decide to jump off in our playground, mountains filled with snowflakes! Give it a go its addictive!!
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Mountain Biking
Photo 378
This bike is an ALL-MOUNTAIN weapon, do anything bike - from all day epics to shralps in the bike park - finally the "ONE" bike has arrived. 150 mm of rear carbon suspension with 160 mm Fox front suspension. This model is special Team equiped with pure SHIMANO guts
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Photo 376
I've had my Osprey Manta 36 for 2 years+/- now and it's my go-to for every hike. The suspended mesh back panel provides a ton of support but still allows air to circulate between my back and the pack. I like having the 3L bladder for the hot and humid days and also that the mouth piece is held to the strap by a magnet. I think it is geared more towards spring, summer and fall hiking but I use it while snowshoeing too. I actually prefer it over my winter pack. It is functional, sturdy, comfortable and durable and would highly recommend to anyone.
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Photo 375
My Solomon's have been great since the first day I put them on. I always had low hiking shoes before these and was concerned about ankle comfort but have not had any issues. Hiking in the northeast brings dry, rainy, muddy, snowy and icy conditions and these boots have performed over and over again. The contragrip is great and the GoreTex waterproofing is key. I have approximately 250 miles on them currently with hikes ranging anywhere from 5-20 miles and they are still going strong. Will most definitely be purchasing another pair when the time comes and would recommend them to anyone.
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Photo 374
I love this boots because they are comfortable, and i can ride on all day :)
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Photo 371
The best freestyle board I ever have. Radical, light, lot of pop.
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by rysulli
Photo 370
With the hot weather approaching, I love being able to run races with clothes that will not weigh me down. The Lululemon Training Sleeveless fits that description perfectly.
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Photo 369
Very light, powerful ... Love it !
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Photo 368
Very comfortable, light and reactive shoes.
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