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by bzmirza
Photo 433
Shoes Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0
Got these bad boys on a sale event on the reebok website. Marked improvement in stability through movements like the squat and deadlift. You can toss them in the oven when you purchase them to heat the patented insole and then sit around for it to cool down to the shape of your foot's contour. the raised slightly raised heel and double strap gives great grip and a snug fit. I can't believe I used to lift in running shoes before I got these. highly recommended.
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by mark
Photo 18
These are wicked headphones. I was originally sold on the whole Beats trend, however when I got the headphones I was surprised how good the quality actually was. Maybe not up to Bose standards, but very good regardless. Beats definitely wins in the style category, and the quick remote on the aux cord is great for convenience. These are over the ear headphones, and not noise cancelling. The only downfall I would say is that other people can hear the music you're playing sometimes if your volume is substantially high. Other than that, these are great headphones for low movement activities. I lift weights with them on all the time, and they work great!
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by mark
Photo 2
These weights may be the single best purchase I have ever made. I used to do P90X Plus, so this is where I was originally introduced to them. Always moving and in different places, not knowing if I will be close to a gym, I had to get them. They work exactly how you see them. You turn the dial on both sides to the same weight, and just pull the weight out and its ready to use. I went with the 5lb to 52.5lb model, because it was all I needed. These weight ranges allow me to do everything from a solid upper body workout, to squats. If you're looking for a way to workout without leaving your house, and want a solution that takes up to no space at all, get these weights. You will never regret it, its like having a gym wherever you live.
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