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Photo 454
Wakeboard Hyperlite Marek
This board has a super clean pop off the wake, with bright graphics which will catch your eyes. However this was the second of these board I have had after cracking the centre of my first. Secondly I would not recommend it for anything apart from behind boat as the base is super soft and would properly be destroyed after one pull hitting obstacles. Saying that a last positive of this board which applies for myself being a salt water rider is that the metal components of the board have yet to show any signs of rust.
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Photo 268
DonJoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace, Cracking piece of kit, couldn't do any sport now without it. Over the years I've been riddled with knee problems. After snapping my Patella (Knee Cap) while Skating as a teen, then years abusing my body Climbing, Skiing, Kitesurfing, Martial Arts and Playing Rugby, I now Wake-board. I started more than anything to help me become a better Kitesurfer but I've caught the bug and the knees are going to pay, hence the decision to invest in a knee brace that I know won't let me down. <br /> <br /> The Donjoy defiance is a solid piece of kit and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you have never had a knee issue use one to help prevent one happening. Motorcross use knee braces as standard so why don't other extreme sports like Wake-boarding, Skiing, Kitesurfing take there lead. Yes they're not cheap but whether you're pro or just a weekend warrior the pressure and impact on your knees is immense and once you've injured them they will never be the same. I was 17 when I snapped my knee cap and since then I have torn and snapped ligaments and now 35 I suffer from Advanced Anterior Arthritis, this basically means I have no cartilage left behind my knee cap and down the front of the joint (bone on bone). If I had the opportunity to go back in time I would without hesitation have a brace on both knees to help prevent what is now a pain in the arse/knee…
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