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Photo 501
Bike Canyon Grand
Perfekt for every race. My bike for winter and rainy days;)
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Photo 495
Great Bike for fast Races ;)
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Photo 445
Absolutely an amazing machine!!!
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Photo 429
Lightweight and breezy. The Scody tri suits offer function form and fit. And some really good colour combos for those iconic ironman triathlon sunset photos.
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Photo 425
I swim like a washing machine off balance. Needing all the help I can get, my 2XU wetsuit helps get through longer swims such as the Melbourne Ironman. It has torn 2ce though at the bottom end of the zip.
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Photo 417
The Profile T3 bars clip onto existing bars and for the part time Ironman triathlete they offer an economic alternative to another set of bars.
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Photo 368
Very comfortable, light and reactive shoes.
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Photo 337
My beginner bike and now my trainer bike.
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Photo 330
The rocket science sports BASICS wetsuit is an entry level wetsuit that is super affordable, high quality and is still great to use for top age groupers looking for a fast swim to set up their race. Geelong 70.3- 3rd overall AG swim
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Photo 315
The Specialized Shiv Pro Race is a great bike to use for long course triathlon. It has a unique internal bladder to store fluid which has straw access, and the sitero saddle has a wider profile that I've found more comfortable than saddles on previous TT and road bikes
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Photo 314
Maximum bang for your buck! You won't find a faster bike at this price point, and spending more won't make much difference.
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Photo 312
Small aero helmet, easy to put on and looks good.<br /> Not to expensive and you don´t see this helmet a lot, so it´s kind of rare item.
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