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Trail Running
Photo 477
Backpack Salomon S-LAB ADV SKIN
Like with all Salomon S-Lab kit, this pack is super light weight and very durable. Its exactly what you need when climbing mountains or hills over long distances.

It has multiple options for storing essentials like gels, mobile phone, jacket, poles, nutrition and two elasticated water bottle pockets at the front. And it looks great. Love it!
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Trail Running
by tania
Photo 434
These shoes are incredibly comfortable. For trail running you're always wondering about the stability over roots and tripping over rocks. These Brooks trail shoes have the perfect combination of flexibility and stability for any conditions. I've taken these shoes to Garibaldi Lake and Joffre Lakes BC, and looking forward to hiking Kauai in Hawaii for 10 days at the end of August in these!
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Trail Running
Photo 419
The Salomon Speedcross shoes were a perfect choice for the first 27km of the Rapid Ascent Surf Coast Century 100 km ultramarathon. Lightweight and grippy.
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Trail Running
Photo 418
The CamelBak range is ideal for adventure racing. Small and numerous pockets and light weight for multi sports
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Trail Running
Photo 331
I've been running long distances for 16 years and have had many pairs of shoes. I've been running in these daily for 4 months with roots, ice, snow, puddles, peaks, mud etc. The toe bed is wide enough to make my tootsies wild and free, and I've never had my heals slip. There's no laces; it's just a quick cinch down and it stays locked wonderfully. Debris is super minimal. The grip makes me feel like an animal. I wish I could be their ambassador because I'm 100% sold. In case you can't tell, I'm obsessed with them. Worth every penny.
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Trail Running
Photo 304
BSX Insight have just created a lactate threshold sensor which is a game changer for running and cycling sports. No longer are you required to do 2-3 minute intervals of blood sampling without stopping on a treadmill. This thing takes your game to the next level. Hooks up with ANT+ sensors, and all the data is synced into a dedicated app. You dont need it for every activity, though during events would be great to ensure you dont go too hard too soon., and use discount code givemeinsights10 for 10% off. :) Read more here:
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Trail Running
Photo 286
They offer great muscle compression when running long distances, whilst preserving modesty with the outer short layer.
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Trail Running
Photo 277
These trail shoes have amazing heel support, with very important toe cap protection from rocks that may be in your path. So far they have lasted my over 850KM of running but I would say they are nearly at their end. What an incredibly durable and functional shoe! It also looks amazing. 5 stars
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Trail Running
by Gemma
Photo 66
I love Salomon gear for trail running because of it's attention to detail and wear ability for the sport. <br /> The S-lab clothing, shoe and accessory line takes personal input on design and function from top international Salomon athletes each year.<br /> The shoes are durable without adding unnecessary fabric or weight. (Shoes in this photo: Salomon Sense Pro Women's – Boss Blue / White / Silver)<br /> Salomon Hydration systems are the best I have tried. They provide ample places for fuel, phones, and other personal items, as well as sufficient water storage for distances ranging anywhere from 10km-Multiday Stage races.<br /> <br /> Photo Credit: Brian McCurdy
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