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Photo 447
Surfboard Bitch 6.1 Quad
6.1" five fin set up, surfed as a QUAD, squash to Round pin Tail. This board is amazing, perfect for bigger waves. Super fast and stable and feels really good.
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Photo 203
I am liking this board a lot! It is slightly shorter but a bit thicker and wider. Has more volume than my usual boards which suits me just perfect!
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Photo 172
such a rad watch! Tides for every surf spot in the world.
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Photo 169
I always use my GoPro when I am surfing. I'll always get the shot!
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Photo 160
I love my ShadowHD from my sponsor Derevko Wetsuits. Super warm and flexible and good quality product! Also very reasonably priced for customers
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Photo 159
Suits my surfing ability and my local surf spots perfectly.
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Photo 131
Nova Traction pads allow you to keep your feet where they should be when you're surfing. And the leashes...well they help you not swim as far when the surfing doesn't go just right.
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Photo 130
This 9'0 longboard is really good all around. It's rounded pin tail will keep you in control in steep sections and in the barrel and the constant curve outline and performance rocker allows you carve as well.
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Photo 129
Awesome board for knee to head high. It has a full outline that keeps you moving in smaller mushy waves with more of a performance rocker to allow you to surf bigger surf as well.
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Photo 128
Nova Traction makes some of the best traction pads that give you that grip you need and give the tail of your board a little extra padding. Nova leashes come in all lengths and colors from 6' to 12' and in comp, regular and big wave diameters
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Photo 127
This Eric, is a 5'10" K4 model. It works really well in waist to head high surf especially if the waves are punchy
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Photo 126
Perfect board for camping out on the nose when the waves are knee to chest high
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by aber
Photo 81
If you have terrible circulation, like me, finding a suit that keeps you toasty is critical for the frigid west coast waters. I have had this suit for about 5 years now and its as warm as the first day I bought it.
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