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by Starma
Photo 496
Snowboard Gnu Ladies Choice
I love it because it's always predictable and never let me down
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Photo 184
Great board! Having fun in the air!
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Photo 174
fit great, lenses for any kind of weather. never fog up.
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Photo 163
I love using this item because the goggles are lightweight and form fit to my face! The lenses don't fog and are extremely easy to switch out!
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by kyle
Photo 161
I'm a snowboard cross (boardercross) rider at Europa Cup Level and I ride the Coal Race by Volkl Snowboards. It's fast and stiff, ideal for speed, but it's also light and easy to manoeuvre. This suits my style of riding which is from a freestyle background. <br /> <br /> If you fancy yourself as a racer or want to go even faster on a snowboard, this board is the ideal progression. It can also take you to the top like World Cup tour champion Omar Visinitin who rides the boards. <br /> <br /> The board has a super fast base, a big radius and long edges, allowing for a smaller board which rides like a bigger board for speed.<br /> <br /> The Coal Race features the Ultimate Vibration Object (UVO) which helps absorb vibrations and stiffens the board in choppy terrain and snow. It is a noticeable improvement on previous boards. <br /> <br /> The board packs a huge amount of technology into one plank, at a much more reasonable price than competing boardercross board brands. For full specs on the board check it out here:<a target="_blank" href=""></a>l<br /> <br /> You can buy the board from many snowboard shops and online stores, find your closest here:<a target="_blank" href=""></a>l<br /> <br /> The Volkl Fastec Choice Alu's binding
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Photo 105
I've used these bindings for a few years now. The leather tore a bit and the baseplate cracked. Called Burton, they have a lifetime warranty and sent out new parts to me immediately. Other than those issues they have been amazing, and there will always be some wear and tear on the slopes.
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Photo 94
The Process Flying V seems to just glide smoothly over any rough bumps or exposed ground, love how playful it can be in any terrain. Needed a Solid all-rounder board for the mixed snow conditions we get in Australia, The Process Flying V fits the bill perfectly for me.
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by Skeeter
Photo 89
Awesome board! Also have DC boots on! Very comfortable with lots of heel support. Airblaster snow pants! And Scott goggles! Good vision. Good on dull day and sun days while riding!
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by Skeeter
Photo 88
Love the CAPiTA Outdoor living. My sponsorship from my hometown gave it to me. Best board I have gotten on yet!
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Photo 86
Upgraded to the burton custom flying v this year, this was my 3rd snow holiday, 1 week each time. Great all round board.. Great pop and buttery feel. love it. <a target="_blank" href=""></a>
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Photo 85
Upgraded to the burton custom flying v this year, this was my 3rd snow holiday, 1 week each time. Great all round board.very playful and light board, great for kickers and boxes.<a target="_blank" href=""></a>
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by Starma
Photo 76
A board for buttering and other cool things
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by Starma
Photo 70
The quality is awesome, specially when the sun shines, and when it's Powder day
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