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by Starma
Photo 496
Snowboard Gnu Ladies Choice
I love it because it's always predictable and never let me down
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by Ale
Photo 229
A perfect board for everything, park, pow and slopes!
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Photo 223
I love using this item because of its loose fit and thin she'll layering! I always fear of being too hot on the mountain, but with this jackets light layering, keeping cool is never a problem. All around, this jacket is amazing for just about any weather condition. I highly recommend this jacket to any snowboarder or skier out there!
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Photo 220
I always bring my GoPro Hero4 with me on all of my snowboarding adventures. It beautifully captures priceless moments like this that can't be described. It is durable, waterproof, small, lightweight, and easy to use. It has three modes for capturing your adventures in a variety of ways. There is even an option to control it remotely, that way you can really get the shots you want. The free GoPro Studio Software is also easy to use to create the perfect edit/pictures.
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Photo 217
I LOVE these bindings they are great for park , super flexi and help me so much with my rotations !! Sick colour schemes to !
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Photo 216
These goggles are the bomb..UK made and amazing quality, changeable lenses and they even have a sick chrome one !! Cheap but excellent quality frames and lenses !.
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Photo 215
I love my Surfanic clothes, they are soon warm and keep me nice and toasty. <br /> They are fab colours and they have all the little pockets and tech stuff you need on the mountain !
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Photo 214
I love my helmet as it protects my brain !!! Everyone needs one ... a helmet that is and Sandbox are SICK !!! #brainbucket
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by cys_yo
Photo 201
best accessory I got for my GoPro shots, It has been my best partner for the past 2 seasons. It's light, strong and offers you precision and stability.
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Photo 189
This is the best GoPro pole ever, not only is it super durable, it has a built in battery in the pole so you can charge your gopro on the go and never miss a shot!
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Photo 188
My favourite helmet. Great for everything.
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Photo 186
Great goggles, amazing quality, perfect system for changing and storing lenses.
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Photo 185
Great binding, stiff and responsive
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