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Photo 462
Skis Rocky Mountain Underground Apostle
The award winning Apostle is the only ski I need in my quiver. Rocky Mountain Underground manufactures burly skis for aggressive riders. The UHMW sidewalls are over twice as thick as the industry standard, making the ski resilient to lateral impact and edge blow out. World Cup sintered bases are 2.2 mm deep, making core shots less likely and giving you many more base grinds over the years. The edges themselves are thicker and stronger, so you would have to take a serious hit to ruin this ski in a single impact. And when it comes to performance, the Apostle is versatile enough to handle any conditions you may throw at them.
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Photo 456
I love my Arctic Light snapback!
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Photo 453
Super stylie and functional outerwear at an affordable price!
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Photo 439
Keep the snow coming and the sun shaded. The best all around goggles to keep your vision clear and unfogged while keeping the style up!
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Photo 438
Protects, light, comfortable and of course good looking!
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by vhtrip
Photo 382
I love dynafit! The best on the market
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by goar85
Photo 379
This is what happens when this ski is in its real environment, you cant even see them in the photo. Most playful ski you will ever find in fresh and light deep snow, you will fly in top of the white cloud thanks to the 118mm wide underfoot, and not only that it still can do a good job in the groomers thanks to its camber construction, and early rise and tale, and of course in the park either inbounds or wherever you decide to jump off in our playground, mountains filled with snowflakes! Give it a go its addictive!!
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by mark
Photo 342
I got these skis brand new at the beginning of this season, and they are a great ride. They are all-mountain skis that are great for carving and quick, effortless turns. Also fairly decent in the park off kickers too. If you are going to be doing lots of powder skiing, I would get specific powder skis. I had trouble with these guys in the thick fresh snow. Other than that, highly recommend if you're looking for a solid advanced ski for all areas of the mountain.
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Photo 244
These skis can do everything. From Powder to groomers, will even the average skier feel like a pro on the slopes.
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by mark
Photo 200
I know there are a lot of different frames out there, but these Spy's have got to be with the best of them. These are the After Party Happy Lens colour, and they are hands down the best goggles I've ever used. My last Spy's had a defect, so I called Spy and they replaced them with these. Fantastic customer service. The frames on the Doom are so wide that vision is incredible. I also highly recommend getting the Happy Lens, as they make everything on the mountain look so crisp.
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Photo 149
This is a fun ski for those blower pow kind of days when you're mixing the front side with bit of off piste.
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Photo 87
These goggles offer a great field of view together with comfort and great anti fog features. I've had them for several years now and they hold up well. You can get a variety of lenses to suit different lighting conditions.
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by aber
Photo 82
Although hard to see what i'm wearing at all in this pic, what you can see is that it really F***** deep. These pants have been a great investment. They are Gore-Tex throughout and they keep me super dry all day long. The full length zips are critical when touring as I get super hot when going up. They have clip on suspenders, however I have never used it. I'm tall and lanky (6'4"), so getting the perfect fit is always a challenge. I got the L for length, but I need a belt to keep them up.
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