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Paddle Aquaite Aqua-Pro
It is the ultimate paddle for me, as all details are in there. This amazing all-carbon beauty is not just about the finish. It is the perfect combination of stiffness and weight. Just love it.
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Anyone who has been paddleboarding in places where there are lots of rocks, snags, oyster beds and other less-than-ideal conditions for hard boards can understand why having a good inflatable SUP in your fleet is a must. And as with hard boards, quality makes a big difference with inflatable SUPs, so it's important to buy from a reputable manufacturer. The YOLO inflatables have served me well as good all-around boards. They've been with me on all sorts of adventures on the water, from fast-moving rivers to Florida beaches to glacial lakes in the north. <br /> <br /> Because they fold to fit inside a large backpack, they were easy to transport and store as a main board during the years I spent traveling by RV full-time. On they water, they are rugged, rigid, stable and comfortable. Off the water, they can be transported just like regular luggage anywhere a backpack can go, whether it's a ferry boat to a remote island, taxi across a major city or airplane to a faraway country.<br /> <br /> The boards come with backpack, pump, pressure gauge, removable center fin, tri fins, bungee system and carry handle.
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