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Mountain Climbing
Photo 428
Tent MSR Hubba Hubba
We lived in this tent for 2 years. The fly delaminated eventually and I broke a pole. It is the best 2kg I carried.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 424
This pack is like the TARDIS but more reliable. And lighter. We lived out of our packs for 2 years. Both are still going well. Though mine still had a hole in it from this trip up through The Cracks.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 422
This is a cheap alternate to high end head lamps. Available from many Australian supermarkets, the eveready headlamps are great value for money.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 348
Finger training with Powerfingers after a climbing or bouldering session. I love it because it trains the fingers in the opposing direction and by this way, it prevents the fingers from injures.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 104
Lightweight and simple - this helmet just works.
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Mountain Climbing
Photo 103
The McHale SARC pack is versatile enough to big carry heavy loads on Denali and collapses down perfectly for sporting day hikes in the Colorado Rockies!
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