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Mountain Biking
Photo 506
Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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Mountain Biking
by Taba
Photo 91
Yes i'love ride in my Bike!! It is a bike that is super- comfortable on all kinds of tracks, I am super comfortable in all types of terrain and climatology
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Mountain Biking
Photo 65
This is my Spark 900sl xc race bike. frame is scott's top carbon offerings in stealth black with glossy decals. If batman raced mountain bikes this is what he would ride. 100mm of fox travel front and rear with 3 stage compression damping thumb switch that use countless times every ride. 2015 will be my 3rd 900sl so I am very used to the compression switch. I use it countless rides to adapt to the terrain. It becomes an integral part of the way you ride the experience. I could not ride without it now. Single front ring 32 or 30 depending on the race terrain or distance/time. xtr brakes that are simply the best available and work like a dream. ,syncros carbon trimmings all over including the wheels. It climbs like a beast weighs 22.5lbs with a drop post, crank brothers egg beater pedals and 2.2 tubeless maxxis ikons that i use 100% of the time regardless of conditions. I may just adjust the pressure for conditions. It handles downhills exceptionally well as it's very stiff laterally and easy predictable to guide. I run a drop post 95% of the time and only take it off for long events 6-9hrs where the course is not too technical or i really want to make a weight saving. This picture was taken on stage 6 of the trans rockies new race format the singletrack 6. which was single track overload. If you like back to back insanely fun trail thats the place to be.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 62
I put this helmet on and forget about it.<br /> Micro fit rotary adjustment that can be opened up to fit a headband or skull cap for colder days. and light at 230g for a med. Comes in a few colour options and i think it looks great. <br /> It's vents are large enough to keep the head cool.
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Mountain Biking
by bhawley
Photo 57
Very light weight shorts. Unobtrusive but durable. Simple design.
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Mountain Biking
by bhawley
Photo 56
This Jacket is extremely light weight, keeps the wind at bay and keeps me dry on the warm but lightly raining days.
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