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Mountain Biking
Photo 506
Socks Dissent Labs Mtb Sock 6 Inch Cuff
Dissent socks have been my sock of choice for a few years now. They are a MTB specific compression sock. They fit great look great and your feet never get those annoying hot spots in long events.
Italian produced Canadian designed quality.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 421
Trek's Superfly range offers outstanding bang for buck. This ride was a training ride for our #veteranteam at #Wildside16
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Mountain Biking
Photo 412
I realy love this bike.. no problems with it at all, biking whit that one for almost 3 years now.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 406
Amazingly light and durable wheels!
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Mountain Biking
by Orihe
Photo 405
Well... after owning a Zesty 214 for over three years it was time for an upgrade and the new range Zesty for 2015 looked awesome. I've had this now for three weeks and WOW what a difference. The price for this model is a big step up to my previous bike but you get a lot of bang for your buck. The spec has some of the best fork and shock for 2015 not to mention the Race Face components. It's geometry has changed this year to the 2012 i was used to more designed for 'enduro' downhill as well as xc and perfect for the trail centres.<br /> <br /> If you're planning on running tubeless you may want to consider changing the tires. Been having a lot of trouble with the Nobby Nic's as the tire walls are so weak. Currently testing out a WTB tire and so far so good. <br /> <br /> I've had a large frame size but found the stem (70mm) you get on this size is to large for me and swapped that out for a 50mm feels a lot better but thats all down to preference.<br /> <br /> If you're like me and want to protect the frame there are a couple of areas you'll want to apply frame protection tape too. The left swing arm you'll catch with your shoes so worth putting some along there and also a bit on the front brake cable on the fork. You could also get the rubber protectors which i've done as well as the tape which works well.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 388
Everyone knows Fox makes excellent, highly adjustable, super durable air shocks. What everyone doesn't know is that you don't need more than 140mm of travel for almost any mountain biking endeavor. The RL forks give adequate suspension without trading off too much in the way of trail traction. Unless if you're off breaking bones while starring in Red Bull ads, do yourself a favor and don't buy a 200mm fork. You don't need the travel or the weight.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 381
2013 model in matte black. My first bike with the 29 inch geometry and I don't know if I can ever go back to the 26...though I AM interested in the new 27.5's that have hit the market since I purchased this ;). This bike is nice and light, climbs like a beast and rocks just in general. This is the least expensive stumpy that Specialized makes but the component group is still really decent. Everything is still stock to this day (except the pedals because it doesn't come with any). I have zero regrets with the investment.<br /> Also - Just to clarify...this bike is built specifically for XC riding...if you are looking to ride downhill, enduro, all mountain, etc. this is not the bike for you.
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Mountain Biking
Photo 378
This bike is an ALL-MOUNTAIN weapon, do anything bike - from all day epics to shralps in the bike park - finally the "ONE" bike has arrived. 150 mm of rear carbon suspension with 160 mm Fox front suspension. This model is special Team equiped with pure SHIMANO guts
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Mountain Biking
Photo 362
I love using these shoes because they fit so wel and they are so gently to bike with. I never thought to use other shoes since i have these!
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Mountain Biking
Photo 349
This product is strong, reliable and takes a beating
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Mountain Biking
by Orihe
Photo 329
If you run flats, Five Ten's are a must the grip level is unbeatable. With their stealth rubber and a wide platform the grip is great in all weathers!
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Mountain Biking
by Orihe
Photo 328
The look and style of this helmet won me over. The fit is great i went for a medium sizing. This lid is at the top end of the market and will set you back for around £200 which is a fair chunk more than some of its close competitors, but its worth every penny.<br /> <br /> If your planning on mounting your camera (GoPro) onto it you'll need a vented helmet strap but you can get away with the sticky pads but the position you would need to stick it is a little to far forward.<br /> <br /> They do a whole range of colour combo's kind of wish i'd have gone for the blue now!
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Mountain Biking
by Orihe
Photo 327
A great trail bag, can fit all your basic tools and a few spare tubes with a 2L pouch for your water. There's an extra compartment that you can put a jacket and a few other bits.<br /> <br /> As i take out a bit of camera equipment and other things i find it hard to fit it all into this bag so if you're in the same boat you may want a slightly bigger pack size.
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