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Ice Climbing
by Damon
Photo 469
Axe Black Diamond Reactor Ice
I'm still using my Black Diamond Reactor Ice Axe, despite being entry level tools, they still manage to get my up Grade 5 Ice Climbs ... Why change ?
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Ice Climbing
by Graeme
Photo 355
Well thought-out design, bomber materials, perfect cut for climbing.
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Ice Climbing
by Damon
Photo 259
I stumbled across this backpack & immediately realized the sack provided some clear advantages, particularly when trying to pick a sack that will provide some options and versatility. <br /> <br /> Firstly, although totally up to capacity the sack was perfect for a 3 day exped which involved some mountain scrambles. Tent, mat, sleeping back, spare clothing, cooking equipment and food all fitted with nothing hanging on the out-site and movement whilst scrambling was not restricted. For a two day exped the sack would have a little space to bring along some luxuries. <br /> <br /> For Ice Climbing in New England, it was a little large for single mountain days unless extra space is needed for supporting groups but for 2 days trips, it was perfect.
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Ice Climbing
Photo 225
This is not the fanciest tool on the market but the x monster is a steal at the price (around $150 per). I've used these tools for 3 seasons and find them great to climb up to WI4, although the thicker picks can be a bit of a challenge on brittle ice. They aren't great dry toolers but I don't think you can do better for longer alpine routes on moderate ice and snow. <br /> All together I would say they take some getting used too but the x monster will be my "go to" alpine tool for the foreseeable future.
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Ice Climbing
Photo 114
A super light, packable jacket that is durable and waterproof. It's held up well through many seasons of summer and winter abuse.
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Ice Climbing
Photo 112
only 60 euros, many pockets, VERY DURABLE, warm, you're not afraid of loosing a goose quill as for ultra-light and compressible light down-jackets. The perfect down jacket for ice climbing, or a single day alpinism rout.
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Ice Climbing
Photo 73
Not only does it look classy but it's so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it until I look in the rearview mirror on my way home.
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