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by bzmirza
Photo 432
Clubs Titleist 913D2
Put the 913D2 driver and 3 wood in the bag last year. I've never driven the golf ball with more confidence. great for changing setting to draw or fade to compensate for any swing flaws but I've been trying to hit it straight with the neutral setting. makes the most satisfying crack of an impact sound.
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by Charlie
Photo 60
I love the Ping i15 with the Graphite Design AD-7 shaft because I can keep the spin down and launch the ball high or low. This shot captures a flighted, low-ball into the wind.
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by mark
Photo 19
These are simply great golf shoes. Very comfortable and awesome traction. I have been playing with them for a few years and the durability is there as well. Good for all weather, and even heavy rain too.
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by mark
Photo 7
So after having this glove for many years, I can accurately say it works. Its great in the rain, and in sunny weather also. Its made with a very coarse material that allows you to get a great grip on the club. Over time the material does slowly start to rip, but nothing compared to other gloves on the market. This is easily one of the strongest gloves I've ever played with.
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by mark
Photo 1
Epic Wedge! Gives lots of spin on the ball, and great feel around the greens. Cleveland at its best!
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