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Photo 490
Wetsuit Subcraft Custom Fit Suits
Their is nothing better than a custom fit freediving suit. The perfect fit allows the suit to feel like an extra skin. A 3mm custom fit subcraft freediving suit will keep you warmer than a 7mm scuba suit.
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Photo 209
This spear gun is not only accurate but precise and is my go to gun when I am spearing 30-40m. When your that deep you can't have your gun fail, misfire or jam. With a strong but light carbon fiber barrel and Beuchat's amazing trigger mechanism you just can't go wrong.
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Photo 155
This is my go to fin when stalking fish. The Beuchat Mundial carbones are the perfect fin for deep Spearfishing with a strong carbone blade, great memory affect and the best footpocket ever made you can't go wrong.
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Photo 150
It is the most important piece of gear you can buy as a freediver. Very high quality and feels like a second skin and keeps you protected from the elements.
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