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Photo 494
Kit Black Sheep Team Collection Salmon Jersey
Great roads with great cycling apparel. Shoutout to Castelli Cycling and Black Sheep.
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by Joelw
Photo 363
This bike was flawless on a day that saw 4 miles of "peanut butter" mud. The shimano drive train never missed a shift. The only reason I was washing the muf off was I was tired of carrying the extra weight. This years dirty kanza was one that will be talked about for years to come.
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Photo 353
I love fueling with Powerbar during long training days because it keeps my glycogen stores up so I can go all day AND it tastes delicious!
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Photo 345
I love skin cooler by DeSoto Sport because it helps me regulate heat. It is very helpful since I have MS and heat makes everything worse. DeSoto Skin Cooler keeps me moving.
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Photo 338
Light, stiff and comfy.
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Photo 335
Awesome bike.
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Photo 322
Based on the McClaren tt04 helmet used in Europe, the TT is the newest offering for we mortals by the big S. Developed in the wind tunnel to maximize aerodynamics (and having a visor that is supposedly aero neutral) yet somehow still very comfortable and adjustable (with a dial system to perfect your fit.) this is one of the nicest time trial helmets I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. <br /> <br /> Priced competitively against the other "super helmets" the only real complaint I know of right now is availability.
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Photo 219
Bike is a 2005 and all I have done is put new tires on it. It has never let me down. It must be the best bang for the buck bike I have owned. It has quick handling and puts power down efficiently.
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by Scheppy
Photo 196
I love using Colnago bikes for their durability, design, strength, they are lightweight yet strong enough to take the force of professional racing, sprinting for the finish line or climbing a steep incline. They are brilliant for every form of racing as well. I have had several Colnagos and they have never let me down. The Clx 2.0 is a sloping frame in the mid range of frames, affordable for anyone looking to own a Colnago. Don't think they are to expensive and for the pros only.... they're not. Highly recommended!! I have always used Campagnolo group sets and wheels and once again, although at the higher end of the market, still affordable, reliable, strong, light and well worth the investment. Own a Colnago today, you will not be disappointed!!
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by jspokes
Photo 181
I have spent years using cheap, subpar helmets but I finally got a deal on the Giro and it is absolutely incredible. I can barely feel it since it is so light and comfortable. Also, it matches the kit so I am very satisfied with the helmet.
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Photo 167
Great for triathletes, very stable bike. The long wheelbase makes it very tough for cyclists as it doesn't corner well
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Photo 134
Super fast bike and never let's me down!
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Photo 123
This bike will out live me... titanium!
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